War Museum WINTER 1944 at Het Pachthof


The inspiration for this museum lies in the fact that on the site of the museum, on the border of Limburg and Liège – the region located in the triangle Sint-Truiden, Landen, Waremme – in the last year of the Second World War experienced a strong emotional moment. All of a sudden, the population fell back from the euphoria of liberation and the coming Christmas in the direct threat of war: the Nazis came back, gone was the celebration of Christmas! The Battle of the Bulge is still in its infancy and Borlo is already part of it. The region across the Maas river served as a resting place for the American soldiers during that Ardennes offensive.


The Winter 1944 museum offers a testimony of a not so distant past that has already remained unknown to many. The older generation can identify with it and for the young it can be a discovery. Besides the war scenes, there are also a number of “domestic images” of the local population during the war period. In addition, the women during the war are not forgotten; the collection of women’s uniforms (Army, Nurse and ARC) has been expanded considerably.


The museum is open for visiting every day of the week during the opening hours of the tavern.

Closed on December24th-25th -26th / December 30th -31st and January 1st .

For visits to the museum during the winter months from December to the end of March during the midweek, it is best to contact the museum first, so that you do not stand at a closed gate.

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