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Staying in Het Pachthof

Would you like to spend a short holiday in Haspengouw, the beautiful fruit region? This can be done in an original way in Het Pachthof, where bicycle plates serve as room number.


A little history

In 1984 Rohnny and Betty bought this typical Haspengouw farm from the family. It has always been a dream of Rohnny to buy the farm of the grandparents. For the grandmother there was an apartment in the farm. After her death it was vacant for two years.

Then the holiday came and we wanted to go on farm tourism. When looking at the brochures we suddenly wondered why we should not do that ourselves.


Soon a second apartment was added and with the advent of the bicycle route network Rohnny thought that those cyclists did not have a place to refuel. So we started a tavern. Because we had to keep the whole day open we started offering breakfast and why not rooms right away. Now the apartments have been converted into hotel rooms…

  • Bicycle

    The old bicycle as decoration on the wall speaks for itself, together with the collection of Limburg bicycle branch plates….
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  • Blossom

    The fresh colours in this guest room remind us of the fresh green of the budding leaves on the trees…
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  • Castle

    Do you prefer to sleep in a castle suite? The furniture in this room comes from the guest room of…
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  • Chokier

    Gingelom is the cradle of Belgium. Surlet de Chokier was the first regent of Belgium before we had a king….
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  • Dovecote

    A farm with a pigeon loft was not so obvious in earlier times. After all, there was a pigeon law…
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  • Fruit

    Haspengouw is the perfect fruit region. It is therefore logical that a guest room is referred to as a fruit…
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  • Haspengouw

    From this guest room you have a beautiful view of the Haspengouws landscape with its square farms, fruit trees, ……
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  • Katarakt

    Katarakt’s quality series of the spring of 2008 should not be missed. You can fully enjoy some beautiful images from…
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  • Luik

    If you have a little knowledge of antiques, the name Liège antiques will tell you something. For the green room…
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  • Palace

    Rohnny’s grandparents were the owners of “De Palace”, a village cafe with a dance hall where it was a whole…
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  • Stassens

    The Stassenskamer with stylish interior from a civil-law notary from Liège is dedicated to Mr Stassens, from Jeuk. First he…
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  • Velodrome

    A velodrome, also called a cycling track is an oval track specially built for track cycling. Borlo used to have…
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