Walk – ICI OTARIE en dropping Carpetbaggers

Walk Ici Otarie

Saterday november 16  – 2019

The walk has been named ICI OTARIE

Ici Otarie is the name of the local resistance group near Borlo, Waremme, Heers during World War II.

Walking is done over a distance of 6 – 11 or 20 km

Departure and arrival: Het Pachthof at 3891 Borlo.

Participation: 5 euro per person. (including soup and certificate participation)

The proceeds are used to bring back and house veterans and/or their short relatives.

Everyone is welcome, of course walking clubs can participate.

INFO : info@pachthof.com – Thewitstraat 8 – 3891 Borlo




Night walk / DROPPING Carpetbaggers  Ici Otarie

Saterday 1 February 2020

Dropping in the footsteps of resistance ICI OTARIE.

Registration until : 18hrs30

First departure : 17 hrs

Last departure: 18hrs30

Military vehicles take you to the starting point for the dropping.

At the end : glühwein, burger

Price: 8 euro (transport, gluühwein, burger)

INFO : info@pachthof.com – Thewitstraat 8 – 3891 Borlo

Organisation and cooperation :  friends of museum Winter 1944 – NSB Heers – Ici Otarie


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